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Playing For Keeps

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Single mother Joanna Swan had already married one man with a Peter Pan complex, and one was her limit

And even though he'd refused to let the past embitter him, it had left its share of scars scars that perhaps one woman could help to erase

Because after all that she'd been through, what kind of fool would she be to let herself fall in love with another man so determined to remain a boy For Dale, though, baseball hadn't been a game but a way out of a childhood filled with betrayal and heartache

But only if he could prove to Joanna that, where the game of love was concerned, he was willing to risk all .

Even if she does design custom-made Santa Clauses for a living.And that's where Dale McConnaughy comes in

So now she is determined that romance is for dreamers and she is one woman with her feet firmly planted on the ground

The sexy-as-sin former baseball superstar now a toy store mogul might be irresistible to most women, but Joanna had to resist him

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Dinah Nichols, PR chick for Green World International, knows how to spin a story. She has to, otherwise how else would rescuing loons get the media attention it deserves But a visit from Higher Management guru Ian Trutch means she'll have to put some spin on the fabulous work she and the staff have been doing.Sure, her latest hobby of haranguing a cocky colleague is worthwhile, but it isn't part of GWI's mission statement or anything. So, how to convince the higher-ups she and the others are working hard for their higher purpose Hmm. Dating Trutch
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Dviej knyg serija Nuotakos Orsini . Pirma knyga. Princas Drakas Valentis ne veltui vadinamas Ledo princu. Savo at iauriu elgesiu nuo aplinkini jis ginasi lyg arvais, ir j niekas negali prakirsti I skyrus An Orsini. Ji ne prasta prie inink , o s kmingai dirbanti teisinink su grie tu kostium liu ir udan iais auk takulniais. Tokie prie taringi signalai Drak trikdo, erzina ir traukia Jie skirtingose barikad pus se, bet miegamajame Drako aistra i tirpdo Anos prie i
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В поэтический сборник Сад любви включены бессмертные четверостишия Омара Хайяма, классика персидской поэзии, великого философа, астронома и математика. В это издание вошли лучшие русскоязычные переводы О. Хайяма.
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Unjust accusations shattered Blake Redmond's big-city police career and destroyed everything around him. Now, all this sheriff lives for is keeping watch over his small Texas town until Amanda Hawthorne and her five-year-old son come fleeing out of a snowstorm with killers on their trail. The terror Blake sees in the young boy's eyes makes Blake swear to protect him and his injured mother. But winning Amanda's trust is as difficult as resisting the passion drawing him to this beautiful, determined woman. With their every move thwarted and time running out, the only way Blake can clear his name and